October 9, 2019

J.A.E wrote Poison based on personal experiences of girls showing hostility to their fellow females because their boyfriends were showing interest and being unfaithful. It’s a playful take on the confidence I have that situations like this can be diffused easily when you are grown and understanding about it.

Management: Liquid Mindlab [Harry Mindgame | Stefhan Kellar]
Producer: Ashleigh Stunna
Director: Reece Proctor
Editor: Reece Proctor
Stylist: Ashleigh Stunna
Hair Stylist:H Laced
D.O.P: John Letsinger
MUA: Eunique_Glam
Cast: Ajibola Ayorinde, James Robert Price, Adina Dixon, Milan Carrington-Gomez, Kyle Xavier.