A new addition to the Mindlab family. J.A.E is that mixture of new R&B/Neo Soul and a strong element of the deep Soul heritage of the past where the focus was on the ability to perform like your life depended on it.

Hailing from south London, soul singer and songwriter J.A.E (pronounced as each individual letter) started her musical journey as a poet, under the alias, Jae Poet. J.A.E perpetuated a self-named concept, whilst completing her degree in 2013, that merged music with poetry to create ‘Moetry’. Her love of sound and performing developed early, growing rapidly throughout her youth when J.A.E attended prestigious performing art schools Italia Conti and Blackheath
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Conservatoire on weekends. Built on a foundation of musical greats such as Ella Fitzgerald,Tina Turner, Aretha Franklin, Chaka Khan and Whitney Houston, J.A.E’s genre-bending sound is deep-rooted in the history of soul.

A product of the nineties and it’s experimentalist ‘neo-soul’ style of R&B, artists such as Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, and D’Angelo provided inspiration with sultry, seductive vocals, and

individuality interlinked by a jazz-infused, electronic merger of hip-hop and R&B. Now, with a sound cemented in soul, J.A.E aims to plant the seeds of soul into modern hip-hop and R&B. A natural, talented songwriter, J.A.E tells stories through her music, connecting audiences with raw

emotion and relatable content. Singing honestly and openly about her own experiences, J.A.E is an empowering voice for women.

With over 54,000 plays on Soundcloud collectively, J.A.E’s first project ‘Under Pink Skies’ gained recognition from music and poetry lovers alike, receiving regular spins on Pulse88 FM and Reprezent Radio. J.A.E was invited to perform at The House of Vans and a number of events

including Acoustic Live UK.

J.A.E has featured on tracks alongside west London artist, producer and DJ, p-rallel, as well as working with London producer ATG. In March 2018, J.A.E released a single entitled ‘Situationship’ – an upbeat tale of a messy relationship where both parties are already taken but still into each other. ‘Love Me Right’ is the latest single to be released (August 2018) expressing the sentiment of knowing your worth and not settling for anything less in a relationship. The narrative is an honest account of a youthful desire to find real love without rushing into something meaningless.

So far, J.A.E has release 3 singles (Love Me Right, Poison & Take Me To) and one remix single (Love Me Right – The Remixes) 

J.A.E has released her debut EP (Dec 2019) with an exciting array of artist collaborations at hand and production within the London scene and beyond so we can anticipate some heat really soon.