Destined star, and eccentric singer and songwriter A.I.W.C (“Alien In Wolves Clothing”) formally known as Oprah Pierre, states that she knew at just aged six years old that she wanted to be worldwide super star. Influenced by the Sunday church choir and her mother’s varied collection of music, from gospel, Reggae to country and western playlists, 

Oprah remembers singing along to the lights of Dolly Parton, Barry White, Aretha Franklin and Celine Deon, who only represents a fraction of the 1990’s phenomenal artist influencers who shaped her now unique and standoutish vibe. From bedroom sessions of standing in the mirror whilst singing at her hair comb ( mimicking a mic) Oprah had her first opportunity at aged eighteen to Collab with Neo soul artist EMMAVIE, who at the time was an up and coming artist. This studio session was the first of many and was where the birth and alter ego of A.I.W.C was born. Oprah compare’s her style of singing as being eccentric, mysterious and different and has been compared to renowned artist such as Lily Allen, Amy Winehouse and SZA. 

When asked to describe the meaning behind the acronym A.I.W.C, Orpah states “Alien in wolves clothing basically stands for something and or someone who appears to be something/ someone their not. Its come from the saying “never trust a wolf in sheep’s clothing”. When people hear my music what they expect and what I deliver is something they would not expect from me, hence my reason for choosing this name.